Zazuu zeh Singer, Portable, Laments, After his Family Caught a Fake Portable who was Impersonating him Online (Video)

Fake Portable Finally Caught

Nigerian singer, Habeeb Okikiola, popularly known as Portable, has met and confronted a young man suspected to be his fan, who have been  impersonating to be him online, via social media channels.





The singer made his noisy lamentations after his family caught the impersonator, adding that the young man is giving him problem on social media.



Recall that the impersonator had recently created a scene at a mall after staging a fake proposal.




However, after meeting the impersonator whose name was not mentioned, but was seen in the same head style, Portable warned him to desist from bringing him bad name.



He revealed further that his impersonator is a comedian and urged people to follow him on his social media contents.






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