Zamfara Residents Cries out as Petrol Scarcity Worsens

For serval days, the Northern State of Zamfara has been experiencing gradual decrease in the supply of the petrol available in the state., now the scarcity of the petrol has worsened, which led to gradual and later, sudden hike in the price of transportation fares.



In some areas, there is almost no movement as the operations of commercial transport services have come to a pause. Motorists and commercial cycle riders have resorted to parking over the non-availability PMS.


A resident of Gusua who spoke to LatestNGnews disclosed that a trip from Gusau, the state capital, to Mafara, which used to be ₦500 per passenger, is now N1000. Also, commercial motorcycles no longer collect ₦50, hiking their fares to between ₦100 and ₦120.



Another commercial rider (Okada) who spoke to LatestNGnews in proxy, lamented that there is enough petrol in the area, but the greedy dealers are hoarding the commodity, secretly selling to black marketers. In his words;


“The dealers are sabotaging the efforts of the state Task Force on security that order filling stations not to sell fuel to anybody with jerrican due to banditry activities in the state,”


Most of the filling stations in Gusau have shut down, selling to only black marketers.


When this medium visited the Petroleum Tankers Drivers Association in Gusau, both the state chairman of the union and the secretary could not be reached.


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