Zambian man, Martin Stampa, Collapse After Finding the out his Wife is the Landlord of Their House

Martin Stampa

Zambian man, Martin Stampa, has collapsed after realizing that his wife (name withheld) is the landlord of the house where they’ve been living for 15years and paying house rent.




Local news platforms reported that Martin Stampa pays 3500 every month as house rent, adding that it was also his wife who usually took the rent to his “landlord.” This came to light after Martin had an affair with another woman and he was serially made fun of it



It was reported by local new outlets that altercation ensued after the lady identified as Lushomo discovered that her husband was having an extramarital affair. Martin reportedly told his wife that he got a side chick because he wanted someone who was intelligent and engages in smart conversations.



This riled Lushomo, who ended up spilling the beans and telling Martin that he’s not intelligent enough as he has been paying her a monthly rent because the house they live in belongs to her.


On seeing the house’s title deeds, Martin lost consciousness and collapsed. People had to drench him with several buckets of water to wake and resuscitate him.




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