Youth Protests Over Incessant Killings and Blood Shed

Youths in various parts of the Northern states in Nigeria have staged a peaceful protest on Friday due to the constant killings and blood shed that has been happening Northern part of Nigerian especially in the recent times.



The protest comes after scores were killed in Sokoto on Monday by bandits who are beleived to be royal to Bello Turji, a notorious bandits’ kingpin terrorizing the eastern part of Sokoto.


The protesters were seen on the streets of FCT, Kano, Bauchi, Zamfara and Sokoto. Theyt hard different placards with different inscriptions written on them like “No More Bloodshed, #SecureNorth, Mr. President Northern Lives Matter, NSA Please Act, Our Lives are in Danger”! etc.



Zainab Naseer Ahmad who led the peaceful together with the protesters called on President Buhari and governors to show more interest in tackling insecurity as they lamented how insecurity is threatening the lives and livelihood of Nigerians. They said;


“We have come to share our concern and send a message to our leaders; we are tired of the worsening state of insecurity in the country.



Every now and then, lives are lost, people are being unjustly killed like animals. We demand the return of peace in our societies.


We are saying enough is enough, no more blood shed! Out-of-school children is witnessing a massive rise, orphans everywhere. We can’t travel in peace, economy is crumbling. People are burnt while travelling.”


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