Youth Corper in Shock as he Bought Infinix Phone at the price of iPhone (Video)

Youth Corper in Shock as he Bought Infinix Phone at the price of iPhone

A male National Youth Service Corp member has expressed serious shock and disappointment after a new phone which he thought was an iPhone, turned out to be Infinix Android phone.



According to a video obtained by, the young NYSC was member was seen sitting down in disappointment and obviously in emotional pains. His expectations to unbox his new classy iphone wasn’t quite what he met.



As he plugged the phone on the wall socket and tried booting it up, the supposed and expected iPhone logo and welcome screen, was indeed an Infinix Logo and welcome screen.



He rubbed his hands on his face, so as to clear his eye, which is a common and sometimes involuntary thing that a person does after they have experienced a sad and shocking disappointment.



The phone was seen in a nice iPhone body finish, including the front and back camera, which must’ve been the reason he bought the phone without doing thorough inspection.




Cases like this has been seen and reported in the past by, after a young boy nearly fainted because he was tricked into buying an iTel Android phone, in place of iPhone 11.



He claimed that the he bought the phone at the popular Computer village in Lagos.









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