Young Mom Mystriously Looses her 3-month-old Baby at a Crèche

A young mom has reportedly lost her 3-month-old infant, mysteriously, where she dropped the baby off, while on her way to work. No ones knows or has been able to give account of what happened to the baby.



Twitter user @Lolo_cy shared the sad story via her handle on Sunday, saying no one knows what happened to the baby only that the mother came back to pick her baby’s but found a dead child.

Her tweet reads;


”A friend dropped her 3 months old healthy baby at creche and she came back to pick his dead body. Nobody understands what happened The teachers at the creche said they don’t know what happened. My God in heaven! I am beyond hurt.


This woman just wanted to get back to her job and needed somewhere safe to keep her baby. She found a creche literally 2 mins from home. God!!!!! This is too much.”



The tweet has since then sparked several disagreement amongst netizens who asked if returning to work was so important than nursing a child


@Lolo cy
@Lolo cy

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