Young Mom, Chidimma Uba, Makes Open Confessing at OPM, Denounces Drug Dealers and Selling of Babies (Video)

Young Mom Makes Open Confessing at OPM Denounces Prostitution Drug Dealers and Selling of Babies

A Young mom who gave her name during a live testimony session at Omega Power Ministries, OPM, as Chidimma Uba, has made an open confession where she denounced her mischievous ways and takes a new leaf.



The mom was heard in a video saying that she came to denounce child trafficking and drug dealers as she now wants to give her life to Christ and be a repented born again.



The woman who disclosed that she has sold 5 out of 6 of her babies, also said that she also stay at a popular corner where commercial sxc workers have their night stand.



She also confessed that she also used biscuits and other snacks that kids like to entice the child and kidnap him or her, then hand the child over to her client who will already be waiting for to deliver.




Chidimma also revealed that the least/ lowest amount she charge her clients for the children she sells to them is ₦500k, adding that she doesn’t ask or enquire what her clients uses the children to do.



She confessed to have sold about 30 kids, including 5, out of 6 of her own children.






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