Young man Raises Alarm After His Friend and Nigerian Actor Zealot Hycent Arrested and Paraded as ESN Operative in Imo State

Zealot Hycent Arrested and Paraded as ESN Operative in Imo State

A young man who was identified as Prete Black-god Blakes, has raised an alarm after his friend and colleague whom he gave his name as King Zealot, was arrested by the police in Imo State and Accused of being an Eastern Security Network Member.



According to the young man, he said that he met the suspect when they were both team mates of a production, graduated from the Imo state University and have been in touch ever since. He insisted that his friend is being blackmailed, while he pleaded his friends innocence.


He said that his friend, Hycent Azunna Zealot, better known as King Zealot, is a producer, actor and singer. He has featured in a number of Nigerian movies, after he graduated from the Imo State University.


The IMSU graduate was paraded alongside others alleged to be part of his team. Bullets, guns and ammunition allegedly recovered from them were displayed while they were paraded.


Posting on his fb page on Thursday, Prete Black-god Blakes wrote saying;



Ok there are two pictures below, my case is for the young man wearing the singlet or armless top.. From what I got, he was arrested alongside the other people and tagged esn members. This young man is King Zealot and he is an actor and a music artist, based in owerri.




I got to know him through my good friend Donald them’s and I can clearly say he is in no way a thief or ESN member. This is cheap blackmail. He graduated from imsu last year and we have been in touch. This isn’t a good thing to just arrest people and tag them what u like… Please give zealot an unconditional release… Please let’s share and save this happy soul.








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