Young Man, Kosara Uguwuka, Confesses of Killing his Brother over a Land Dispute in Ezinifite Nnewi South (Video)

Young Man Kosara Uguwuka Confesses of Killing his Brother over a Land Dispute in Ezinifite Nnewi South

A young man who gave his name as Kosara Uwguka, from Aka-ani, Ezinifite, in Nnewi South LGA of Anambra state, has confessed to the killing of his brother whom he has been having disputes with, over a piece of land.



In a video sent to, Kosara confessed to killing his brother with (nsi), a locally made poison which consists of rat poison and other harmful chemicals. Though he didn’t give a detailed account of how he carried the act, but he confessed to the crime.


He also revealed that he earlier denied committing the crime, and pointed accusing finger to am man whom he identified as Herbert, (probably another of his brother). He matter was escalating and in the quest to find justice, the youth of Akani village in Ezinifite, sort to traditional means to find out who killed one their own.


The youth took all the accused party to Ikem Nnamdo where they were all interrogated via traditional means, by the use of Ita. It was at the process that Kosara confessed to the crime, revealing that his brother that he killed didn’t commit adultery with his (Kosara’s ) wife. He revealed that he killed him with nsi, due to the land dispute he was having with his brother. 



Ikem Nanmdo is known for their richness in the use of traditional means in discovering the truth. had earlier reported about a man (pedophile) who gave his name as friday Eme that confessed after he was arrested in Ikem Nnado for defile little children. His colleagues ran away before they were all apprehended










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