Young Man, Kachi John Onyeagoziri, Shares his Near Death Experience of Plane Crash he had Aboard Ethiopian Airlines flight (Video)

Young Man Kachi John Onyeagoziri Shares his Near Death Experience Aboard Ethiopian Airlines flight

A young Nigerian, Kachi John Onyeagoziri, has shared a near death experience he recently had while aboard the Ethiopian Airlines earlier this week.


He posted the video of the miraculous incident on his fb profile on Tuesday, as he thanked his stars after his life and others where spared when their plan reportedly developed fault while on air, and the pilot started discharging the aviation fuel that aeroplane runs on.



If  you are familiar with this, you will know that once the captain starts discharging fuel while the bird is on air, then there’s a huge changes that the bird is likely going to crash, and discharging the aviation fuel, will help minimize combustion and fire outbreak if the plane unfortunately crashes.


He shared several video clips which shows the moment their bird landed and the passengers where singing and praising God for a miraculous landing. He post on his page reads;



The devil has failed today… My God showed Himself and saved us… The experience today was terrible, but I thank God…


Kachi John Onyeagoziri shared on fb
Kachi John Onyeagoziri shared on fb


This was Ethiopian plane when the pilot was discharging the fuel, which means he has concluded that we were gonna crash, so he was discharging the fuel to avoid explosions when we crash (Safety Conscious).



Look at me, I am alive… God, you are too much. What God cannot do does not exist… Father Lord, You are too faithful to fail, disappoint and leave me…








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