Young man in shock after Discovering that the hot water Coming from his Bathroom has Electric Current in it (Video)

Young man in shock after Discovering that the hot water coming from his bathroom has Electric current in it

A young man has been left in shock after discovering that the shower tap, water heater, iron/metal objects in his bathroom, all have full voltage live electric current flowing in them.




The young man who maintained that it was his curiosity that saved his life on that faithful morning. He said that his electric water heater is working perfectly, on that morning he decided to test the flow of current on the water fittings inside his bathroom.


He started with the hot/cold water mixer tap, and to his greatest surprise, he found out that there’s a heavy electric current flowing in it. He continued his mission and tested out the every angle of the mixer, and they all had heavy electric current.



The stainless pipe of the water heater also had a live current in it, but the shocking surprise didn’t’ end there. He tested the water that us flowing out of the water mixer and to his surprise, it also had a live current flowing out of it.



What this means that a person can be electrocuted if they mistakenly or unknowing touches any of those fittings in the bathroom, even try to bath with the water coming out of the water heater.


Several internet users who familiar with water heater mechanism, blamed the contractor of the project, saying that metal pipes are not used to run channels for water heater, adding that part of the fault too is from the electrical engineer who did the wiring and installation



Watch the video, share the video to please save a life








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