Young Lady lies to a Plantain seller that her Dodo is not Sweet, Then Surprises her With Cash Price Few Minutes Later (Video)

It was a really emotional afternoon for this roasted plantain seller after a young girl surprised her with cash price, but first threw her out of any suspicions of an incoming surprise.



It was gathered that the young girl had visited her plantain stand to buy some roasted plantain, popularly known as “Dodo” 


She bought 1, tasted it and pretended as if it wasn’t tasty, then returned it to the seller.



The young girl who’s name was given as Ahuoiza, pulled that stunt to see how the woman would react, bought her roasted plantain and immediately returned it after tasting it, noting that it is tasteless.


Unlike many other sellers who would react with abuses, the woman collected her ‘boli’ back without complaints.

Then came the moment Ahuoiza retuned back, gave the woman some money and pointed her towards the camera: a gesture that made the woman cry.


Meanwhile, Nigerians on social media expressed how emotional they became after seeing the video.



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