Young Lady Attempts Suicide at Third Mainland Bridge, But a Good Samaritan was Able to Talk her out if it (Video)

A yet to be properly identified young lady has attempted to ende her life by jumping into the River from on top the popular Third Mainland Bridge in Lagos state.



A video shared online showed the young lady sitting on edge of a bridge while attempting to jump into the River.


Several cars were passing it is unclear if they didn’t notice her, until a young decided to intervene. The man whom was heard in the trying to convince the lady not to jump into the River.


From the video share, the young made several efforts, including calling on the attention of passersby to rescue the already frustrated lady.



The went to the extent of going down on his knees to plead with the lady, all in an effort to make her change her mind and not to Jump.


The lady was insisting it’s her life, the people at the scene should allow her to die. The young man even offered to give her a car but she insisted that she is tired of life.


It was unclear on why she wanted to commit suicide but it was learnt from the video that she was owning someone money which she couldn’t pay back.



This also, was the unfortunate story with Lekan Odunare, a young 21-year-old Diploma Holder, husband and father who Jumped into the Lagos Lagoon at mid-December, 2021



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