Young Igbo Man Sends a Message to Chief Allen Onyema Over Air Peace Flight Tickets to South East

Following the doubled and tripled price of Air Peace price ticket from Lagos to Abuja, compared to Lagos to Asaba or any other south-eastern state, several igbos have taken to several social media platform to express their unhappiness towards the development.



A particular took to his Facebook page to share a video message to Chief Allen Onyema opining that Igbos are the cause of the 70% percent their problem.


He narrated how he paid 30/35,000 naira to board an Air Peace flight from one of the Northern states to Lagos and the flight had only 13 passengers. 



He also pointed out that since igbos and Air Peace flight to south east are the most busiest, that the company should do well to give south eastern routes some discount or at least, let it be on the same price with flight from Lagos to other northern parts of the country.


He also threatened that Air Peace will fall (shake financially) if all Igbos stopped patronizing the airline, so the fact that Air Peace’s south eastern routes are usually the busiest, should count for something, other than being a reason to double or triple the price of flight tickets from Lagos to the South East.


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