Young Girls Suspected to Have been Used by Yahoo Boys, Runs Mad at Popular Junction in Enugu State (Video)

Young Girls Suspected to Have been Used by Yahoo Boys Runs Mad at Popular Junction Enugu State

Some young girls were seen on Friday at popular New Heaven Junction in Enugu, Enugu state, as they were behaving in an abnormal manner after they were dropped off from a car.



Their actions on the road would make one suggested that they have been used for money rituals by their boyfriends who’re suspected to be diabolical yahoo boys, popularly known as G+ in Nigeria.



Scenes like this which those created at New heaven, have been observed in other cities across Nigeria, and many point at the so-called ‘Yahoo-Yahoo’ boys as being responsible as they allegedly use young ladies for ritual purposes and sacrifices.



This is one of the reasons the federal government of Nigeria has banned ritual scenes in Nollywood movies.


However, netizens who reacted to the clip argued that the girls were acting based on movie script, which was also the argument that raised among netizens when the video of some boys eating their poop at IMSU junction, went viral  one month ago.






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