Young Girl Teams up with her Friends to Beat her Boyfriend’s Alleged Sidechick (Video)

Young Girl Teams up with her Friends to Beat her Boyfriends Alleged Sidechick

A really disgraceful and disappointing video has emerged online showing the moment a lady and her friends assaulted her boyfriend’s side chic. The video has since sparked outrage online.




In the trending clip, the lady, who claims to be the boyfriend’s main lover, accused the alleged side chic of snatching her man while punching and kicking her.



At a point in the video, her friends joined her in dealing with the side chic, and together they overpowered her, pushed her to a bush, and mercilessly beat her.




One of the lady’s friends, who was there to attack the side chic, recorded the assault, and wasn’t seen moving a finger to diffuse the fight.




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