Young Girl Raises Alarm as she seeks Help for her Mother who is Suffering Marriage Abuse

Young Girl Raises Alarm as she seeks Help for her Mother

A Nigerian lady has taken to social media to cry out for help for her mum who she says has been suffering abuse and domestic violence from her father.




In a Twitter thread, the distraught lady said she doesn’t want her mum to die at 43 and end up like gospel artiste, Osinachi, who allegedly suffered domestic violence from her husband, Peter Nwachukwu.


The Twitter user who resides in Zango Daji, Lokoja, Zone 4, Area 2, No 13, said her mum suffers from an ailment that makes her legs and stomach swell from time to time but despite her failing health, her father who is a pharmacist allegedly assaults her at the slightest opportunity. Her Tweet reads in part, while she seeks legal help for her mother, her tweet reads;




Hello, everyone. I’ve hid this for long, but I can’t anymore; I’m so tired of living in my home because of the abuse and violence that goes on. I live with fear in my house. I have to speak up before my mum ends up like Osinachi. I can’t let my mum die at her age of just 43!!


She is calling for help to save her mum. Read her tweets below




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