Young Girl, Ngozi Adiele, Gets Carried Away by Flood After a Heavy Rainfall in Owerri (Video)

A young Nigerian who has been identified as Ngozi Adiele, has been swept away by flood which came as a result of heavy downpour in Owerri, the Imo state Capital.



According to a eye witness and a business owner, the sad incident happened at IMSU Junction on Owerri, Imo state, on Tuesday evening, June 14, 2022.



He also narrated how the incident happened, adding that the lady fell into a gutter which was not visible on time, due to the flood and sadly she slipped off his hand after he tried grabbing her out of the gutter that was filled with heavy flood




He further revealed that they’ve gone to the spot where the water discharges but couldn’t find the lady who has now been identified as Ngozi Adiele.









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