Young Girl Meets his Home on Fire After Going on t o Eat Sallah Ram Meat

Woman returns from Sallah feasting to find her house and car on fire

A young lady has been left in serious shock after she met her house on fire and destroyed beyond recognition woman as she went out to celebrate Eid-el-Kabir with friends.




The young lady returned to her apartment to find her house and car on fire, after she shared a video of her enjoying herself with Sallah ram and revealed that, at the time, she had no idea how her day will end.


She didn’t a detailed account of what transoired that klef to the destruction of her apartment and her vehicle, but the later part of the video shows how her day started and how sadly it ended, with her house on fire.



Locals gathered to try to put out the fire but they couldn’t salvage the building.


The entire building and the properties in the flats got burnt. The woman’s car parked in the compound was also destroyed in the fire. She added in the video that she has to start looking for a place to lay her head.







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