Young Girl, Akinleye Esther, Raises Alarm After a Guy she Rented her shortlet to, Packed her Properties and ran Away

Young Girl Raises Alarm After a Guy she Rented her shortlet to Packed her Properties and ran Away

A young Nigerian girl identified as as Akinleye Esther, who runs a shortlet renting business, has raised an alarm after a guy she rented her apartment in Gwagwalada, Abuja to for short term, packed her properties and ran away. Esther in her story, explained that the culprit rented the apartment for 1week, and later extended to 2 weeks, an then 3 weeks.




His 3 weeks short rent was supposed to expire on Saturday, August 20, 2022, so when she got to the apartment to check the guy out, she realized that her apartment was empty and that the guy had cleared out the room. She listed some of the items in the room which the guy had stolen, and they are; dstv kits including plate, sol solar kits which contains Television, standing fan, etc. Esther added that the only thing the guy left in the room was broom.


According to her, all the phone numbers and contacts the guy dropped during his check-in were all fake and unavailable. She then took to her twitter page to share the before and after pictures of the room, as she asks the public to help share her story till the appropriate authority sees it. Posting on her twitter page, Akinleye Esther said that she just started the business and is in need of public’s help to share her story, her tweet at the time reads;


Good evening, i have a shortlet (Gwagwalada, Abuja) business that i run and he just started about 2months ago the last client that came to stay in the apartment, firstly he paid for 1week with his girl friend and later extended with 2 weeks making 3weeks in total, his rent expire



today Saturday 20th August and by the time we got to the apartment we realised that all the loads in the apartment are GONE (pictures are above before and after pics) the only thing he left was broom. Some of the things he carried are my sol solar kits which contains Television, dstv kits including plate, 3 differents solar panels he went on top of the root and removed all, fan, bed, bed frame, plate, curtains, spoons, water reserve e.t.c . We just started this business




Phone number he dropped for his next of kin is not going through likewise his phone numbers, we have been to the police station to report the case but they said they will track his number (when his number start going through) which I don’t know if the number will ever go through.



We were able to get 2 of his pictures which is attached, doing our conversionwhen he just came he said he lives in kubwa, Abuja.
The girl friend came from benin. Kindly help us post, anyone that can help us locate him or his family member.







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