Young G+ Boys Boast While Posing in Their Shrine Where They Conduct Money Rituals (Video)

The rate which young boys are indulging in several diabolical means to make money in Nigeria is really becoming alarming, as it’s becoming a normal thing for them.



It is mostly found in Yoruba side of the nation, then followed by the other tribes in Nigeria, and this has been spreading across the minds of young people in Nigeria like a virus.


Few days ago a video of suspected internet fraudsters who were captured eating bread with their own excreta at popular IMSU junction in Owerri went viral.



Just on Saturday, 29th January 2022, a teenage boy in Ogun state whose name was given as Soliu Majekodumi, (18 years), teamed up with his e of his friends to Kill his girlfriend for Money Ritual


Before that, a young man was captured by his co-tenants after he dug a grave in his apartment to bury his victim alive, all in the name of money rituals, but fortunately, he was caught.


An now, young boys have posted a video of themselves in their shrine, saying; If we show you the way, shey you go fit do am? The asked this question as they posed in their shrine where they supposedly run their money rituals.


To explain to you how this cankerworm has eaten the core fabrics of morality in several parts of the Nigerian society like a cancer, these boys, comfortably made sure that the entire shrine was captured in the video, without giving a single care in the world.



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