Young Boy Refuse to Pay Olosho The he slept with, Claims the Girl Gave him Tough time (Video)

A young boy has reportedly refused to pay a commercial s#x worker he hired for a night and claims that the girl gave him a tough time, so for that he won’t be paying her their agreed amount.




A clip of the incident went online which shows the moment a young girl, who is supposed to be the commercial s#x worker was saying that she can understand the Yoruba language they were speaking.



In her defense, the young girl asked another guy who is suspected to be the person recording the video, she countered the claims of his client and further asked one of the men who was present at the scene if she had given him a tough time in the past.




Netizens linked this to a video of 15year old boy who was caught trying to rent a hotel room, argued that this type of indiscipline and wayward living is mostly found among the Yoruba’s 









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