Young Boy Gets Punished for Telling his mom “You get mind Collect Phone From Cultist”

A young boy in secondary school has been punished by his mother at home for using a slangs and making a statement that he may/may not know the full meaning of what it means.




A twitter user @GwazaVictoria, who is assumed to be an aunt or elder sister narrated the thing on twitter last night saying that the boy was punished so he won’t make such statement again.


Posting on twitter, @GwazaVictoria said that the little brother was caught using his mother’s phone to access the internet. When the mum took the phone forcibly from him, he retaliated, reportedly saying, “You get mind, collect phone from cultist.”


Showing him he’s still her son and still living under her room, the mother punished him by asking him to kneel down and raise his hands up.





The Tweep wrote:

“The drama in my house be like zee world. Isaac was using my mom’s phone to surf the internet. My mom caught him and collected her phone. Isaac say na, ‘you get mind collect phone from cultist’




Long story short, see cultist 🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂😂”



Young Boy Gets Punished for Telling his mom
Young Boy Gets Punished for Telling his mom- you get mind collect phone from cultist



Netizens who believed that things like this shouldn’t be a laughing matter, advised the sister to caution the little boy to remove himself from associating from any friends or classmates who might be seen as bad influence to him.






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