Young Boy cusses out the devil for Making him steal meat from his mama’s pot While his Mother punishes him (Video)

Boy cusses out the devil for making him steal meat as his mother punishes him for the act

A young boy has been seen in a trending video cursing out the devil for leading him to the temptation of going to his mother’s pot of soup and stealing a piece of meat.




A twitter user shared the video on Friday, the boy is seen squatting as a punishment and discipline, as he begs his mother, telling her it’s the devil that made him steal the meat. He then tells his mother to help pray the devil away from him.


However, his mother tells him to tell the devil to go away by himself. “Release me let me pray,” the boy begs his mother. But she tells him to pray the devil away while serving his punishment. The boy then begins praying while cussing the devil.



African parenting is all about strict parenting, this also can be seen in a trending image of a boy kneeling down on his knees and serving punishment for calling himself a cultist in front of his mother.











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