“You will not live past the next 7 days” — Kanayo. o. Kanayo Tells The Person That Posted his Pictures Online and Wrote RIP (Video)

Nollywood Actor Kanayo O Kanayo turns 60yrs Today

Veteran Nigerian Nollywood actor Anayo Modestus Onyekwere, popularly known as Kanayo O. Kanayo, has cursed the person who posted his pictures online and wrote RIP on them.



The actor say he woke up and saw about 4 or 5 of his pictures posted online with RIP Insignia which meant that he was dead. Wondering what would make a person wake up in the morning and decided someone else RIP when that person is still alive and well.


Posting a short clip on his IG page on Tuesday evening, the 60-year-old veteran actor who celebrated his birthday on the 1st of March, wrote;



You think because you have access to the social media, you can publish ANYTHING. Adieu to you


He also stressed that entertainers have families, and loved ones, people who truly care about them, so for a person to insight that he was dead when in fact he’s heart and healthy, is totally unacceptable.







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