You Will not Go to Hellfire if You Drink Alcohol Provided You Continue Drinking Moderately — Rev. Fr. Oluoma (Video)

Rev. Fr. John Chinenye Oluoma popularly know as Fada Oluoma, a Priest of the Catholic Archdiocese, has adviced the Roman Catholic faithful and all it might concern. that the consumption of alcoholic drinks will not make one to miss heaven.



The clergyman pointed that as the alcohol must be consumed at moderate rate as well, pointing out that is would be a sin if a person becomes a habitual consumer of alcoholic drinks.


Alcohol can’t prevent anyone from making heaven because it’s medicinal and God created it for a purpose. – he said



The man of God speaking to his congregation encouraged people drinking alcohol to continue drinking moderately because whether we like it or not it’s medicinal and that’s why Paul asked Timothy to drink it for his stomach problem. 


A lot of men of God speak against taking alcohol, but Rev. Fr. Oluoma said drinking alcohol in moderation will not lead anyone to hell.


He argued that everything God created, he created with purpose and each of them will serve their own purpose when used in the right and moderate manner.



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