You may Protest, But Know that Skills Determine Amount of pay in Nollywood — Biodun Stephen

Biodun Stephen

Nollywood movie director and producer, Biodun Stephen has said that the amount of pay an actor or actress receives in the Nigerian movie industry, is determined by the skills of the actor or actress.



She made her own contribution to the debate on how Nollywood practitioners are rewarded, after some of the industry actors took to social media to complain about the low pay and other unfavourable working conditions which they have to endure while making a movie.


In a chat with HipTV, the filmmaker said:“ ’Female actresses are paid more because they have something else to offer. What exactly?



“Because I assume that your service is valued based on a number of criteria, what you bring to the table.



“In terms of skill, representation and brand. These are the things that form the decision to pay you a certain amount. Amount ‘X’ or ‘Y’,” she said.





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