You Deserve to be Celebrated — Maduka Okoye’s Stunning Girlfriend Praises him Amidst Trolls

Several Nigerians have displayed their disappointment over the poor goalkeeping of the Super Eagle’s Maduka Okoye, which gave the Eagles of Carthage a second half win that knocked Nigeria out of the tournament.



Okoye, who is being dragged online for his performance in the game, failed to stop a long-range shot which sent the Super Eagles out just after they had an excellent group stage matches in Cameroun.


Taking to his Instagram story, Jelicia westhoff showed her support for her man and praised him for his effort. She said;



We are proud of you, not just when you win, or when you stop a ball but because of the person you are from the inside.


I’m proud of your efforts Your Focus, Your drive, and how you never give up. You helped the team.. and made a Big mark while there..


You deserve to be celebrated to making it this far, Forever proud iloveyou.


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