You Are Not Serious if You’re Driving a 2012 Benz and Be Toasting me — Girl shames man for Driving an Older model Mercedes-Benz

A clip has been trending online after a young woman was heard in a WhatsApp voice record,  shaming a man for driving a 2012 Mercedes-Benz.
It was gathered that the guy had wooed the young girl, but she decided to shame the man, saying that she will not take a man who drives a 2012 Benz seriously if he woos her.
She said she understands a Benz is more expensive Toyota car,  but she doesn’t consider a 7 million Naira Benz to be a car to boast with.
She added that if her friend wants to buy a Benz, even if he doesn’t buy a 2022 model, he should endeavor to buy from 2016 upwards, not a 2012 Benz.
She added that she would never buy an old model Benz if she chooses to get a car. Swipe to listen to both voice notes.



However, some twitter users shamed the girl, saying that it is her type that always fall prey of the nets of G+ boys who are looking for who they’ll kill for money rituals.


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