You Are Digging Your Own Pit, Iyabo Ojo Warns Haters

Iyabo Ojo has taken a rather straight turn to address her haters when she strongly opined that her haters who are eagerly digging their own pit and will would be consumed by their evil plots. A little harsh maybe but Iyabo Ojo,  warned her Haters via her IG page earlier today.




In her message, the mother of 2, Iyabo Ojo  who recently clocked 5m followers on IG last week, took to the media to address those who bring bad around her, her message reads;



“To those who seek my downfall and destruction, you are only digging your own bit. All your lies and evil plot against me will definitely consume you bcos there is no peace for the wicked.


“You will continue to fall and fail and I Iyabo Ojo Omo Olubunmi Fetuga, Ologunfufun1 ], Akanda Omoladukade Afunimawobe will rise and win.


“Oya continue to let my success constantly be your headache. It gives me joy. This is all the frenemies, make una collect”.


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