Yong boy, Chikamnayo Olisaemeka, runs away From Home After Being Serially Abused and Brutalized by his Madam in Onitsha (Video)

Chikamnayo Olisaemeka.

A young boy who gave his name as Chikamnayo Olisaemeka, from Umuezena Umudim Nnewi, has reportedly ran away from home after enduring series of physical abuse from her madam she lives with, in Onitsha, Anambra state.



In a video that was obtained by LatestNGnews.com, the boy who is believed to be around 15years of age, was seen on the streets being questioned by a resident of the area who noticed series of marks and wounds on his body, and began to question him.


According to the resident of the area who sent the video to LatestNGnews.com, the eyewitness who pleaded anonymity said that at first when he saw the wounds on the boy’s body, he suspected that the boy was a cultist, (Aye or barger), and had gotten the injuries during one of their senseless initiations, but as he began to question the boy, to his shock he realized that the boy is a victim of home abuse.



During his questioning, the boy said he just came to Onitsha in February 2022, to live with his uncle (his mom’s brother). But the wife of the uncle whom he referred to as his aunty, is the one inflicting these injuries on him. Several of the visible injuries and marks on the young boy’s body looks like cuts from knife, laced on fire.




During the interview, a voice on the background was heard saying that the aunty wasn’t even remorseful of her wicked actions, she insisted that the boy stole from her and he was punished. The on the Anambra state Human Rights and all the necessary authorities to come to rescue of the boy.



The young boy gave his name as Chikamnayo Olisaemeka, from Umuezena Umudim Nnewi, added that his parents lives in Owerri and he lives with his mom’s brother and his wife in Onitsha Anambra state.







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