Woman Threatens to Remove her Clothes inside Zenith Bank, After ₦100 was Debited From Her Account Without any Explanation (Video)

Woman Threatens to Remove her Clothes inside Zenith Bank

A Nigerian woman has created a scene in popular Zenith bank branch, as she protested after ₦100 was debited from her bank account without any explanation.




According to the video which was posted online in a live session, the woman lamented that ₦100k was deducted from her account and that she had been visiting the bank for the past one month to get it rectified, but all to no avail.



The woman stormed the bank and asked for a refund, she also threatened to remove her clothes inside bank during work hours if the banks ignores her after her ₦100,000 went missing.



She gave the bank 3 options, either they refund her money, or they kill her today, or they refund her money. She said if nothing is done about it, she will remove her dress.


She also requested to speak with the bank manager since the staffs and cashiers were not helping.. watch the video below








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