Woman Sparks Rage of Internet User for Filming herself and Posting Online, Moments After she Survived an Accident

Lady Filming herself and Posting Online moments after having an accident

A young lady has sparked mixed reaction among internet users for being busy to film to herself and posting online, moments after she survived a serious motor accident.




The Tiktok user known as “confidence” was involved in an accident alongside other commuters. The accident left her bleeding from the head.



As first responders tried to help her and others, she’s seen crying while filming, in the video she shared on her page, it shows a vehicle laying in reversed positon, by its side of the road, which can only be guessed that it was as a result of the accident.


In a bid to stay engaged to her online fan on Tiktok, she also shared other videos of her in the hospital, with bandages on her head, hand, and knee, while receiving drip.



Her actions caused a mixed reaction among several internet users. Many sympathized with her and thanked God for her survival, others accused her of chasing clout with her tragedy. They asked why she was filming instead of focusing on getting better first.



Some maintained that they would’ve left here on the road unattended if they were the ones trying to give her a helping hand but snapping videos and posting on the internet seemed more important to her than her own life. Follow here to watch the videos






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