Woman Raises Alarm to State Government After her Neighbour Constantly Locks Little kids in Chains and Leave Them Inside the Room (Video)

A woman who posed as a good Samaritan, has raised an alarm after discovering that her neigbour locks kids inside the room while she lives to her shop.



In a video sent to LatestNGnews.com, the woman who narrated the scene said that the kids who’re from Orlu, Imo state, have been living with their step-mom / guardian, have been subjected to various forms of child abuse. She said that her neighbour locks these kids inside the room while her own kids are in school.



She also that the 2 kids in the video were the younger ones, the narrator explained wicked woman takes the elder one to the shop where she trades, locks the second born under chains and then subject the younger and female one to do all their laundries.


She also said that the children lives with this woman at World Bank, Owerri, Imo state, and she called on the Imo state government, child support services, welfare, and all necessary authorities, to please come and take these kids away from this evil and wicked woman.




Also in the video, the little girl was said to be challenged in one of her hand and leg, but she still do all sorts of house chores with it. 



The good Samaritan who didn’t disclose her name, added that she’ll sometimes give these kids money to buy things and eat, but this height of wickedness is becoming too much, so the authorities should come in and save those kids.






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