William Ribeiro Arrested for Kicking Referee During A Match

William Ribeiro Arrested : A Brazilian footballer William Ribeiro has been arrested by the authorities after he kicked a referee on the head which left the referee unconscious during a match. William Ribeiro, who plays for state-league club Sao Paulo RS, committed the attack while playing against Guarani on Monday, October 4.
William Ribeiro’s team was just a goal behind in the game when he violently kicked the match official Rodrigo Crivellaro, whcih him the ref out cold and was quickly rushed to hospital.
As of now it still remains a mystery as to what prompted Ribeiro to lose his cool and commit such foul play in front of hos cheerful fans on Monday night. His strange actions led other football players in the pitch to restrain him as he kicked a helpless Crivellaro.
An ambulance quickly drove onto the field and took the referee to hospital in Venancio Aires, near Porto Alegre in southern Brazil.




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