Will Bitcoin Overtake Normal Banking? Find out in This Video

Did twitter just started accepting bitcoin was the firs thing that came to my mind as I remember that 2020 and corona virus saw a huge rise of tons of internet based businesses, and cryptocurrency wasn’t left behind, it rose and traded as high as $64,000 on big and small exchanges all around the world before it plunged to $29,000 in July. 



Ever since then the Satoshi Nakamoto crypto coin still remains the only first crypto coin ever made and with the highest market value. Few weeks ago El Salvador became the first country to adopt bitcoin as a legal tender, meaning that in the country you can pay with coffee or any other item with bitcoin same way you’d use your credit card or cash for payment.


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But what’s more interesting is a video that surfaced on twitter about using twitter to send bitcoin to anyone in any part of the world. worth started out as a tweet is gradually coming into reality as we many crypto enthusiast patiently wait for an official announcement from Twitter CEO Jack. 

twitter just started accepting bitcoin?  In the video, you’ll see a demonstration of how money can easily be sent from one user to another freely and with lowest charges, compared to what you’d pay when using some of the widely used global means of sending and receiving money

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