Wife calls out her Husband’s Sisters for Being Lazy in the House and not Doing any House Chores (Video)

Wife calls out her Husbands Sisters for Being Lazy in the House and not Doing any House Chores 1

An angered housewife has publicly called out her husband’s 3 sisters for being lazy and not doing any chores at home, or help out in anyway at home, while she will be the one to be doing everything.



The woman who sounded very frustrated in the video that was shared on Tiktok, said since she got married to their brother, the sisters want to kill her with work.


She said lamented that all that the sisters who live with her and her husband do is press their phones and eat. She advised them to stop the attitude of being lazy, citing that one day they gonna get married and have their own husbands and homes


But the three sisters-in-law were unremorseful, ignored her and her lamentations, while they kept on pressing their phones. One of them who seem to be the eldest of the sister challenged her for filming them, while the other sister hid her face from the camera.




Several social media users who saw the video complained that this is almost a general attitudes with some sister in-laws, including the married and the unmarried ones.








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