Why I Tried to Leave Nigeria as Soon as Possible After Doing Handover — ex-governor, Chief Willie Obiano

Chief Willie Obiano, the immediate former governor of Anambra state, has finally revealed why he tried to leave Nigerian as soon as possible, after the handover inauguration on 17th march 2022.



Recall that the former governor was arrested at the airport while on his way to board a flight to US, was detained by the EFCC for almost 5 days and was later released on bail, with condition that he doesn’t leave the country.


While there’s been several talks and controversies that former governor was running away to chill himself in the US, the former governor through his attorney, Patrick Ikwueto, SAN, said Willie Obiano was not fleeing Nigeria, but was rather hurrying to keep a doctor’s appointment to treat a “semi fatal condition”.



In an exclusive interview with Premiumtimes NG, the lawyer said;

“He was not running away,” Mr Ikwueto said. “Why will he run away when his family is here and he has a lot to do here? The fact is that he (Obiano) has a medical condition for which he had a prior appointment to see his Specialist Doctor for treatment at Spring Creek Urology Specialists LLC, Houston, Texas, U.S.A.



“By the nature of his ailment, he has been undergoing treatment at the said Specialist Hospital since June 2021 and had an appointment earlier scheduled for the final stage of Specialist Radiography for eight (8) weeks – which will take place immediately upon his arrival at the Facility in Houston, Texas, U.S.A; and thereafter, after four days. Subsequent treatments are scheduled every day for a period of eight (8) weeks.”





Mr Ikwueto said the former governor had since mid last year received treatment at the U.S. medical facility every three months.



“The last time he was there was December 2021 and became due for another round of treatment this March shortly before he handed over to Soludo,”



Mr Ikwueto declined to disclose the exact ailment Mr Obiano is treating but PREMIUM TIMES learnt the former governor was diagnosed with prostate cancer early last year.




“He (Obiano) was lucky that the disease was detected on time. It was still at an early stage when he was diagnosed last year,” said a source familiar with the former governor’s medical condition.



He asked not to be named because he had no permission to discuss “private and confidential matters” concerning Mr Obiano.





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