When Pride comes, Disgrace Follows, but with Humility comes Wisdom — Obi Cubana Talks to Nigerian Youths About Pride

Popular Nigerian business man, Chief Obinna Iyiegbu, popularly known as Obi Cubana, has advised fellow  Nigerian youths against pride, stressing that wisdom and success will always come to the humble one, while proud people are liable to failure and disgrace.



He shared this advice in his Monday motivation and Wisdom teachings with obi cubana, via his verfied Facebook page, stressing that it takes absolutely nothing to be humble, adding that all men are created equal beofre God.


In his post, Obi Cubana  wrote saying;

Good morning my fellow Nigerian Youths!!!
Today let’s talk about “PRIDE “
Pride is a pleasure that arises from a man thinking too highly of himself!!
It’s a spiritual cancer that eats up the very possibility of love, contentment or even common sense!!
Pride had destroyed a lot of homes, relationships and unions.



A lot of people are too proud to even the very people or establishments that made them who they are!!!
We all struggle with Pride in life.
Sadly many of us do not realise the potential that awaits us if we can just let go of our Pride!!
Even the Holy Bible warns us that “God hates the sin of Pride and will discipline the proud “
There is nothing as good as humility!




When Pride comes, comes disgrace…..but with humility comes wisdom!!
It takes absolutely nothing to be humble.
We are all created equal but God chose to bless everyone in different ways.
If u are blessed in material possessions, it doesn’t give u the right to be proud to others who are also blessed differently!
The least u can be to your fellow human is “nice”




Avoid PRIDE!!
Pride goes before a fall……
Be nice!!!
It takes ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to be nice to others, pls be nice!!!
Stay humble!!!
May You be blessed through the legitimate works of your hands this week and always, amen 🙏






Obi Cubana Talks to Nigerian Youth About Pride
Obi Cubana Talks to Nigerian Youths About Pride





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