What a Disgrace of a Wife!! — Lagos Socialite Cy4Luv Slammed by her Husband, Yomi, for Begging Birthday Gifts Online

The idea of going online and post the items you want as birthday gifts isn’t something that started today, its being in existence since time immemorial, but since after Davido celebrated his birthday in 2021, online begging took another turn.




Celebrities now use the love and influence they have to ask their fans to send them gifts as on their birthday, and that is something that netizens in Nigeria are beginning to kick against.


This is the case of a popular Lagos-based socialite,Cy4Luv after she posted some items, which included shoes, bags, diamond bracelets, she wants as her birthday gift.



But she didn’t get the response she had hoped for, as her number 1 fan, which is her husband, Yomi, slammed and dragged her online, saying she is a disgrace of a wife to have come online to beg for gift items on her birthday.


The socialite just days after she posted some items on her Snapchat account, posted the items, urging her fans to do quick and get them for her, adding that she always gets what she wants.


Furious by this, her husband, Yomi, called her out, suggesting that his wife is ungrateful, pointing out he  bought a Maserati truck for her and who he also buys expensive items like rolex and apple watches, Hermes bags and many others for.


The husband re-shared photos of the items on her wish list on his Snapchat account and accused her of not being satisfied with his pocket.  “I can’t believe this nonsense is coming from my own wife” – he said.


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