West African CFA Franc Gains More Value Over The Nigerian Naira

The Nigerian Naira To West African CFA Franc Today – It is now official that 1,000cefa is now 1100 naira Few years ago,1,000naira will get you 3,000cefa.



If you’re visiting a French speaking african country,there’s a huge chance that you would be spending the cefa. The CFA franc is the official currency of eight speaking west African countries which includes the Republic of Benin,Togo,Mali,Guinea Bissau, Senegal,Niger, Cote d’voire, Burkinafaso  



In total,the Franc is used by 14 countries in sub Saharan Africa There by making naira more useless as it’s only recognized in Nigeria Moreover, the lack of productivity as a country (Nigeria), we will be an import dependent country always seeking validation of foreign currency


At this point devaluation of Nigerian currency cannot be overemphasized  We just keep hoping and praying for a better Nigeria soon✊


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