We’re Suffering and Nobody Cares, so at this Point Everybody Should Take Charge of What They Want this Country to be — Kate Henshaw (Video)

Kate Henshaw

Nollywood veteran actress, Kate Henshaw, has expressed sadness and disappointment over the increased rate of hardship in Nigeria, which has been made worse due to the ongoing petrol scarcity that has lingered for almost one month now. 


She expressed her anger via a video she made on her IG page early this morning, saying that she is lack of words about the things happening in Nigeria, but really pissed. She wrote on page saying;


I am just too pissed this morning… Is this life that we are living in Nigeria?? How did we let things get so bad?? People are suffering and no one gives a F##K!!!! We cannot continue like this!!! Enough is Enough!!!


She added that the president who doubles as the petroleum minister has just jetted out of the country, amidst the petrol scarcity in the country, which they promised to solve but so far has been failing to fulfil their promise.


She urged Nigerian youths to make hay while the sun shines, by getting their respective PVC without listening to negative mouths who demoralize the minds of others towards voting.







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