Well Meaning Nigerians Send Flowers and Teddy Bear to the Gate of Dowen College to Celebrate Posthumous Birthday of Sylvester Oromoni Jnr.

Some well meaning Nigerians in Nigeria around Lekki and its environs has taken their time to send some heart warming gifts like flowers, balloons, cards, and teddies in front gate of Dowen College 




This was done on Saturday, December 4, which would’ve been Sylvester Oromoni’s 12th birthday, had it been he didn’t die as a result of beating and injuries he sustained at the hands of his fellow students.


The junior student died in hands of his mother at a Warri hospital after he cried bitterly in pains and was seen apologizing to his parents.




On Dec. 4, the day he would have turned 12, Nigerians chose to celebrate him by leaving tributes in front of the school where he sustained the injuries that led to his death.


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