We’ll Come For You If You Kill Person Client — Suspected Yahoo boys tells Russian President (Video)

Well Come For You If You Kill Person Client

A Nigerian man suspected to be an internet fraudster has been heard on background video of a viseo that is currently making trends across social media, issuing a strong warning to President Vladimir Putin of Russia following the invasion of troops in Ukraine.




He stated that the President would face the consequence if ‘someone’s client’ is killed in the course of the invasion. Residents of Ukraine on Thursday, 24th Feb, woke up to several airstrikes and missiles sent in by Russia which has caused unrest not only in Ukraine but in the international system.





A man while watching Putin address the world on television gave him a resounding warning in Igbo dialect. The man who’s face was not seen, but his voice was heard saying;



“Come, if you kill someone’s client, we’ll have problem with you bobo. We are going to storm Russia, don’t worry, we’re coming for you”



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