Wedding no Expensive, na You wan Impress Village People — New Bride Speaks After her Wedding (Photos)

Amarachi Ugwuanyi

A newly wedded bride has said that wedding isn’t expensive, the bride this statement adding that it is people’s desires to impress their random guests at their wedding, is the main cause of too much spending.




The bride who gave her name as Amarachi Ugwuanyi, hails from Enugu state, revealed that she and her husband only had 7 guests in attendance at their wedding which was held over the weekend. posting some shot from her low key wedding after it all went successful, Amarachi wrote on her page saying;


“Wedding is not expensive, na you wan impress village people


Amarachi Ugwuanyi and her bubby
Amarachi Ugwuanyi and her bubby



There been similar weddings which was held earlier this year and it all went successful. There’s a story of Barr. Ani Nnamdi Chris and his Beautiful Bride who spent less than ₦30k to complete his week.



Last week, reported about how a man thanked his wife after he spent ₦25k on their marriage ceremony.



There are similar weddings out there, which can serve as a proof that weddings and marriages can be absolutely successful without the extravagant spending.






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