“We go Drag the Drag and Craze the Craze” — Apostle Johnson Suleiman Responds to Critics who said he’s Daibolic and Unfaithful (Video)

Apostle Johnson Suleiman the founder of Omega Fire Ministries, has responded to critics who called him out on the internet for alleged infidelity and use of diabolical means in his ministry. He also responded to claims that he had extramarital affairs with a number of actresses, both home and abroad.



The clergyman encouraged the blog or media outlet where that news originated from, noting that adding his name in the news, especially in controversial news, will only make him more popular. Apostle Suleiman who was preaching in a crusade, described the people peddling the rumor as ”Fools”. His exact words were;


”I heard that they are dragging me on social media, that the man is diabolic. Diabolic kill you there! You want to drag me? We will drag ourselves.


Responding to the news that he’s had several number of girls he sleeps with, (mostly actresses), the clergyman said he cannot deny his ”children” and the people who have visited his church before. He said he saw the list and the it wasn’t as long as he expected. His exact words were;




”The list nor long sef” 


He said no one drags him because he would use the dragging to gain more popularity for himself.









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