Watch Video of Farida Mahama, Daughter of John Mahama, Former President of Ghana, Tw#!rk online

Watch Video of Farida Mahama Daughter of John Mahama Former President of Ghana Twerk online

A video of Farida Mahama, Daughter of John Mahama, a former president of Ghana, has been shared online. The video which went viral online, had caused an uproar on social media.





The girl who said to be 15 years old was giving a tw#!k lesson then called out a name of one of her friends, saying the tw#!king lesson / tutorial was for her.



15-year-old Farida who wore a black top and shorts in the video, was heard saying that she’s giving her friend, Janelle, the “up and down” twerk tutorial. Farida went on to twerk up a storm in the video.



Checks on his father’s page didn’t turn out as most would expected, as the former head of state wished her daughter whom he referred to as baby of the house a happy birthday, and also asked her to continue being herself and grow beautifully.


The former President wrote on his official Facebook page;


Baby of the family. All so grown up already. Happy 15th birthday, Farida. Lots of love from me, your mother and brothers. Continue to be yourself and grow beautifully.




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