Watch this SS3 Student Spotted Smoking in Class While Wearing her School Uniform

An SS3 student has been spotted in video smoking in class while wearing her school uniform, while her other classmates were busy making noise and playing ludo game. The video which was shared by Philanthropist Kokun went viral in few hours after being shared online.



It was revealed via comments of most people who condemned the act at felt ashamed of the that the school is located in one of the South-West states as the students were heading speaking native Yoruba tongue.


He shared the video, writing,



This is def a school in Southwest Nigeria (most of them speaking Yoruba) See as the students chill playing ludo and smoking cigarettes.


Has anyone considered home schooling for their children? What’s the solution to all the increasing school problems ?



Many couldn’t help but wondered what the solution is to the increasing “school problem” recorded in the country, Kokun further asked if anyone has considered home-schooling.


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