Watch the Moment Will Smith Slcpped Chris Rock ok Stage Before Collecting his Oscar Award (Video)

Will Smith

What started as a fun night of thrills and laughter had quick turn of events after popular American rapper and actor, Will Smith, slcpped the host of the 2022 Academy (Oscars) award, Chris Rock.




In a clip of the award show that has been trending online, Chris Rock was seen making a “GI Jane” joke with Jada Pinket, while Will Smith laughed at the jokes, he was obviously not happy that Chris was comparing his wife with a female movie character with a shaved hair, so he walked up on the stage and hit Chris Rock.



While he (Will Smith) returned to his seat, he warned Chris Rock not to mention his wife’s name again, he said;

“Keep my wife’s name out of your f***ing mouth.”




While there are several controversy as to why Will Smith was wrong or right, it is worth knowing that Jada Pinket currently have a condition that makes her loose her, it is called alopecia.



It is also worth mentioning that Chris Rock had made similar jokes about Jada’s hair in 2016, before she (Jada) made a public revelation of her hair loss condition in 2018. But this time, Will Smith stormed the stage and slcpped him.





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