Watch the Moment Unknown Persons Seen Throwing PVC from their car and Inside the Gutter (Video)

Unknown Persons Seen Throwing Peoples PVC from their car and Inside the Gutter

A video has ben making rounds across the internet which shows the moment some unknown persons were seen bringing out people’s voters card PVC, and pouring it out from the window of their car.



A social media user who shared the video online said that he witnessed this sad incident with his own eyes, that he’s been hearing news of such acts but never imagined or witnessed one himself.


He said that he was on his way back from his exercise, when he saw the men throwing the PVC out of the car, and some were poured inside the gutter, adding that majority of the names on the voters were Igbos and Yoruba Christians living in Abuja


He then wondered why the people in power will make Nigerians stand on long queue so as to get registered for PVC, only for the permanent voters card to be thrown out like rubbish.



He also warned that this is a plot by some bad eggs in power to disfranchise as many innocent Nigerians as possible from voting the right candidate of their choice, adding that because of this, some people will still be told that their own permanent voters cards are not available, and thus won’t vote.








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